First place award

for being lovely, welcoming, charismatic and homely.

First place award

for being lovely, welcoming, charismatic and homely.

We're about

Good and authentic conversation if you want it. Jazz and coffee-fuelled intellectual stimulation Meditation & Yoga Tea, Coffee, and nourishing snacks. Great books (novels and how-to's related to our mission). Merchandise to support our cause (clothing and art).


and perhaps most importantly, If you believe in our mission and want to see the world full of grounded people who work on their emotionally strength and strive to be and do good in society (whilst maintaining a healthy dose of silliness), you can support us by becoming a trusty supporter and donating any amount on a monthly basis.

A Community Projecta community of enthusiastic people in a family setting

The Treehouse: a fancy explanation

The Social Coffeehouse

This is our spin on the traditional and historical coffeehouse, which used to exist but now, unfortunately, is nowhere to be found. Historically, coffeehouses were known for their vibrant potential as social spaces where people could gather, socialise (often with strangers), and where anything and everything could be discussed. Today, the modern cafe has transformed into a privatised experience. The fascinating potential of social contact, conversation, and socialising has been replaced for a quiet space for appointments, work, and at its best moments, idle leisure.

We want to shake things up again and reimagine what a coffeehouse can be. Creating a space where people can gather together, where social interaction amongst people you’ve never met is encouraged and normalised, and where all conversations, including the philosophical, emotional, and even still the superficial, are on the table. A space to play around but also a place to discuss the more important things in our lives.

Once up and running, you can expect to enter our social coffeehouse and be welcomed by friendly faces, to feel at home, and to lie back and enjoy the feeling of a civic living room with cosy furniture, wood ovens, board games, performance nights, polish psychedelic jazz-driven community dinners and bonfires, pizza nights, and much more that will arise spontaneously over time.


The Workshop Space

In addition to the social and grounding nature of The Treehouse we also aim to be a space where we can help support one another’s growth. We will host an array of educational workshops and activities that can provide the knowledge and tools that can help us become stronger, more mature, and more fun-loving. In the process, we’ll be trying our best to create an atmosphere that is approachable, down-to-earth (in the sense that it doesn’t take itself too seriously), and full of plain old fun.

As we experiment with and co-create The Treehouse over time, we (along with the help of you!) will be running a bunch of peer-led and teacher-led workshops focusing on emotion, calm, and meaning to name just a few avenues we hope to explore.

Under emotion, the focus will be on on emotional integrity. To move towards the experience of being authentic whilst clearly knowing how we’re feeling in any given moment and holding those feelings in a sense of strength and non-judgmental understanding.

To move towards that we’ll try our best to offer emotional-support groups (for when you’re struggling and need a listening ear or some friendly advice around a difficult problem); workshops focused on learning to develop emotional clarity, regulation and self-care, as well as tools to develop more positive emotions without forcing them. And hopefully we’ll host an array of lectures by professionals to complement all of the above.

Under calm, we’ll be collaborating with Maastricht’s down to earth, not so serious yoga and meditation teachers to offer classes that can help you create a sense of ease, tranquility, and serenity in your life. Nourishing you, grounding you, and adding a sense of peace to your life that you can learn to cultivate outside of The Treehouse as well.

And under meaning, we’ll offer community-selected documentary screenings (followed by post-screening lively discussions), intellectual lectures relevant to our lives, poetry nights, and reflection-based activities that can help develop your curiosity and knowledge about the world as well as helping you step up and pull your life together so that you can live a meaningful, active, and balanced life. All in the context of a cosy and warm environment where you can feel at home.

The Holy-Hideout

The Treehouse is not just a social coffeehouse. Although we do love the vibrancy, energy, and power for more substantial conversation that such an environment provides, we also recognise the need we all hold for quiet and solitude. Sometimes what we need is not necessarily other human monkeys to converse with, but rather a place where we can retreat, find refuge, and feel safe enough to settle down and unfold.

In this sense, The Treehouse will also be a place with a certain sanctity, grounded-ness, and calmness that you may also find in a yoga studio (without the time restrictions). A space where you can come to let go of having to ‘be somebody’ and where you can return to just being.

Keep your eyes peeled.

So...if you like what you’re reading then keep your eyes peeled and your ears open. All of this is a grand experiment and we’re ready to co-create with you along the way. If you want to keep updated then make sure you’ve clicked following (and see first) on our Facebook Page and follow us on instagram @thetreehousemaastricht.

We’re on an ongoing experimental journey to create a space that hopefully can one day change the way society interacts. Making substantial, meaningful, authentic interaction the norm.

At the moment we’re planning to open our doors for the first time in May, and of course you’re all more than welcome to come on down, sit back, have a coffee, listen to the jazz, and chat to somebody you haven’t met before (we’ll help make it easy).

And don’t be afraid to reach out to us if you want to take part and help make this magic happen. We’ll need all the hands we can get.

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