Maastricht Goes Vegan
Founded in October 2013



Founded in October 2013, the initiative has already been working for two years on the promotion of a vegan lifestyle – the refusal of the consumption of animal source products. That a refusal does not mean a renouncement is proven every Tuesday in Het Landhuis, an open community space in the center of Maastricht.


“Maastricht goes vegan” invites every week about 20 participants to learn and enjoy the finesse of a vegan cuisine. That a vegan diet is neither expensive nor difficult to realize is demonstrated by the cooking workshops. From vegan meat replacements over vegan bakery to culinary journeys through the world – all facets of a vegan diet will be experienced.

Have a taste

According to the organizers of the initiative, giving people the opportunity to experience the richness in taste as well as the simplicity of a vegan menu is veganism’s best promotion. In order to widen the range of people that can be inspired, “Maastricht goes vegan” also starts to provide vegan event catering.

Join us

Only a functional kitchen that can be taken where it is needed is still missing. Come and join our cooking workshops or book us for an event, since creating a world of peace and harmony starts at the end of your fork!

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